Sustainable plastic products for
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Profitable concepts
— by retail experts for retailers.

Flexibility and new ideas are the key to stand out from the retail market. As seasoned retail veterans, we have been developing sustainable and (cost) efficient concepts with plastic products for more than 10 years, bringing exactly this flexibility and innovation to the retail sector.

Our clients testimonials

Visually apealling

“The optics really convinced us: it is the perfect tool for us to advertise goods in the long term.”

Head of Advertising,
German retail chain

Economical and flexible

“The long life and and better stability are very important. In addition, the display doesn’t fade as quickly as the cardboard colleagues and offer us a mobile and flexible advertising space.”

Sales Manager,
German retail chain

Strengthening the brand

„For us, the most import aspect was that we could get the Smart Display in our company colour, also including the pallet. Therefore it is perfect for our promotional area and fits excellently into our store design. Also, the enormous flexibility of the Displays is a great asset.“

Sales Manager,
German retail chain