Reusable products that increase your sales

Convince yourself of our modular concepts for affordable and effective product presentation and ensure a better shopping experience for your customers!

Merchandise Presenter | Smart Display

The Smart Display is the basis for your product presentation in the store – modular, economical, tailored to your individual needs and indispensable for your product and promotion sales of all kinds.

Mobile stations

Our mobile stations (¼- and ½-pallet format) provide increased visibility of selected merchandise groups and an increased impulse purchase rate.

Eco Shelves

Merchandise feeding systems are not a novelty and are already widely used in the retail sector. The changing times require inexpensive and sustainable solutions. As long-standing partners of the retail trade, we have taken on this task and constructed a system that is intended to do as much justice as possible to a “turning point in time”.


In the retail sector, it is of central importance to suggest a replenished assortment to the customer and to prevent the concern about shortage of goods. With our inlays, you need less fabric to create this effect and create less waste, while avoiding unwelcome pressure marks because the fabric is less squeezed. And best of all, experience shows that your costs for the inlays will have paid for themselves after just 3 months.

Reusable folding boxes - Mini, Midi & Maxi

Our folding boxes have undergone a maturation and development process of 20 years and are optimized to guarantee maximum benefit in retail. They are ideal for storing, transporting and presenting goods. When not in use, they can be folded and stacked to save space.

Rattan baskets

Made of high quality plastic, our rattan baskets are perfect for gently presenting foods such as bread, fruit, vegetables or delicacies.

Wood look & farmer market style

Special goods deserve special attention. Whether used to accentuate your trendy department, as an area solution for your fruit and vegetable department, or as a stand-alone solution for your garden or plant department, farmers’ market-style merchandise display will keep your clientele loyal and ensure that people associate your store with health and well-being.

Flower displays / presenters

With our flower presenter, you can put your flowers in the spotlight and keep the installation place clean.

Smart Tower

Our Smart Tower is used to fill goods in the warehouse, move them from the warehouse to the point of sale and put them away there.


We offer numerous accessories and attachments for our merchandise display centers, such as mesh boxes, shelf attachments or advertising panels.

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